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About LauvaMedia

My name is Sergejs Ivanovs, I am 24 years old freelance web designer and web developer from Riga (Latvia, European Union).
I have professional skills in:
  • Web design
  • Logo & Corporate identity
  • Usability & Creative thinking
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Flash animation
  • HTML and basic CSS
  • PHP and MySQL
Why LauvaMedia?
In the begining of year 2006 I decided to create my own website where to put my portfolio and some useful information about myself. As my name and surname are very common, there was zero possibility to buy "namesurname" domain, that is why I created something like a brand or Internet nickname for my developments - LauvaMedia.
I born in July under the Leo sign, Leo (Lion) in Latvian is "Lauva". As I am working in Internet media area the second part is "Media".
Short profile
I am a freelancer - Web designer and Web developer.
I born in July 1983 in Riga and I am Latvian (European Union citizenship).
I speak Latvian, Russian, English, German and a little bit Swedish.
My interests are: Internet technology, Reading, Music, Cryptography, Traveling, Business Management and Project Management.
I am available to work in companies all over the world. I can do web design or just a website.
My primary countries of interest are: United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Danmark, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and United States (USA).